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diese seite ist überarbeitet und neu gestaltet zu erreichen unter http://videomuseum.bildwechsel.org  / please go to http://videomuseum.bildwechsel.org for the new version of this website


bildwechsel is an umbrella organisation for women and their representation
in media culture and art. we are a meeting point, open stage, platform and
an infrastructure which women can tap into to share, support and develop
their work/ projekts/ideas – in connection with the work of others and
drawing on their knowlege and experience. we have our background in the
feminist critical media movement starting the 70th, in the field of
representation and gender role science developed in the 80th and 90th and in
the queer community and the women project scene.
we work as an art project, we develop and support events and initiatives and
hold archive collections on women/media/art. we aim to present a panoramic
view of the work of women artists. we are concerned with the concept of
woman, artist, authorship and anonymity and this interest informs the ways
we work.
bildwechsel is holding different archives and offers space, presentations
and a forum in general for women/media/culture
for videos,films, fanzines, catalogues, music….
Do send us material about you, your publications, your videocopies of
your films or videos.
We‚d like to get to know you.
E-mail: info@bildwechsel.org

here some information about the videokollection:
The video collection at bildwechsel is an audiovisual archive offering a
panorama view of video/film work by women over the past 20 years. the
collection is divided into various archive sections and presents german
videos/films as well as work by foreign women.

As a specialized archive, the video collection is devoted to women artists
and video/filmmakers and their work. the archive expands by bildwechsel
contacting individual video/film women and receiving their videos/film from
them personally for the archive. we do not buy any videos and do not record
anything from television. since 1993 we also offer to archive the original
formats (all video systems, 16 mm, S-8, slide shows).

The videos/films of all archive categories are viewable on our premises
under technically optimum conditions by individuals and groups (on-site
viewing is an option exclusively available to women). We also offer advice
to those interested in media, women working in the field, festivals, women
artists and others with questions, both in Germany and abroad.

We differentiate between reference works which are only viewable on our
premises and copies which may be taken out with the agreement of the
video/film donators. In addition, a number of specially compiled
videos/films are available on distance loan.

for more information on bildwechsel see http://www.bildwechsel.org

Kirchenallee 25
20099 Hamburg


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